HubSpot Setup 2: HubSpot to Postwire


Rather than relying solely on Postwire's cookies to track user identities, the HubSpot to Postwire feature gives Postwire access to the HubSpot API and cookie to retrieve contact information from your HubSpot instance.

When a Postwire is shared with someone not cookied by Postwire, Postwire will report "Someone" viewed it.

With this HubSpot to Postwire feature turned on, before reporting anonymous viewing, Postwire will check whether the viewer has ever been cookied by HubSpot--perhaps by filling out a website form to download an ebook. If the viewer has previously been cookied by HubSpot, then Postwire will use HubSpot's cookie to access contact information. Postwire activity will no longer be anonymous, but instead reported and tracked by the email address known by HubSpot, or, possibly, first and last name. If the viewer has not been cookied by HubSpot, then Postwire will report the anonymous viewer activity using "Someone", same as before.

** NOTE: For this powerful tracking feature to work, two CNAMEs must be set up and a SSL certificate provided to Postwire to include Postwire as an extension of HubSpot's tracking. This requires your IT system administrator to work with a Postwire support person.

Please email to ask for assistance to do this.


Once the CNAMEs have been set up, you need to authorize access by Postwire to your HubSpot instance. Here's how to do that.

  1. Get your HubSpot Hub Id. It is provided in several locations in HubSpot, including in the top right corner of the nav bar. 


  2. Enter your Hub Id in the HubSpot to Postwire tracking section in the field box labelled HubSpot Hub Id. See screenshot below.


  3. Click Authorize. If you are not currently logged in to Postwire, you will be prompted to log in (do so as Admin). You may be prompted by HubSpot to click another Authorize button, or, you will get a success message right away like this one:


  4. You can verify that the authorization was completed successfully by refreshing your browser to confirm that your HubSpot Refresh Token was saved.



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