Organization Branding: Organization Branded URLs

Turning on this feature changes the Postwire default behavior in three ways:

  1. The URL publicly displayed for all Postwire Pages your users create will be set to include your organization name.
  2. The Postwire logo is removed from the top navigation bar when a Page is viewed by a registered user who is logged into Poatwire.
  3. Email notifications for Page views and comments will include your organization logo, not the Postwire logo.

This feature does not change the branding on the “The Postwire Daily Digest”, the communication email rolling up all Page activity (new content added & comments) from the prior day. 

Default Postwire Behavior

The new branding functionality can best be understood by showing the default product behavior followed by the new behavior with the Organization Branded Urls feature turned on.

By default, the URL for each Postwire Page created has a URL in the format:

While logged into Postwire, users see the Postwire logo in the top left corner of the navigation bar when they view a Page

Note: Your prospects and/or customers may have registered for Postwire in order to receive notifications when the Page you shared is updated. This includes any customers who are required to log in to Postwire to view Pages locked with a password. By default, anyone logged in to Postwire when they view a Page will see the Postwire logo at the top of their screen. See screenshot below:


Here’s an example of the default way a comment email looks. Note that the Postwire logo appears (NOT your organization logo):


Note: All invites to Postwire Pages do routinely use your organization logo in the email invite. You do not need to turn on Organization Branded URLs for this. Here’s an example of the default invite to a Postwire Page to demonstrate that it includes your Organization logo:


Behavior Turning on Organization Branded URLs Feature

Administrators can optionally turn on the Organization Branding URLs feature.




Now what?

Once the feature is turned on, the URLs for all Pages you create will include your organization name (or the name that you set for this feature) in the url in this format:


Now, when a registered user logs in to view the Page, to minimize the Postwire branding, the Postwire logo no longer appears in the top left of the navigation bar. Here’s what the view for a logged in user will look like:


Note: The Page invite, of course, is still branded with your organization URL—as it always is by default. Here is an example:


And now, with the Organization Branded URLs feature turned on, Page view and comment alerts are also branded with your organization logo like this:



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