Organization Postwires

Organization Postwires are a way to share content internally. Organization Postwires are accessible by everyone in your Org--often so that they can re-post the content onto client-facing Postwires. When you designate a Postwire as an Organization Postwire, all of the people in your Org (both Members and Sharers) have access to it without having to be invited individually. 

1. To create an Organization Postwire, an Admin must change the privacy level for the Postwire: See Instructions Here.

2. Once set, the Organization Postwire will look different than a typical client-facing Postiwre. Most notably, the right sidebar will show the Contributors, instead of only the Owner of the Postwire:




3. Organization Postwire also show up in a special filter on the left hand side of the Postwire home screen:



4. Organization Postwires also show up with a globe icon in the page list:




Note: Organization Postwires can still be favorited and archived by individual users.

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