Embedding Videos, Presentations and more

If you post a url to an embeddable piece of content like a YouTube Video, Slideshare Presentation, Prezi, etc., Postwire will try to get the embed code for the content.  We support hundreds of sites with embeddable content through our partner Embed.ly (see full list here).

1. Click Web Link in the Post Content widget on the page:



2. Enter the url which you'd like to post and click Add:



3. Postwire will process the content to retrieve the embed code and thumbnail:



4. After processing, Postwire will show the thumbnail and title retrieved from the content provider.

Note: If you don't like the images Postwire found, you can always click Can't find a good image? to set a custom thumbnail




5. Click Done Editing and you will see a play button to signify this is an embedded piece of content.



6. When you click play, you'll see that the content plays inside of the Postwire instead of opening a new browser tab.



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