Re-posting to one or more Postwires

One of the most important concepts in Postwire is the Re-Post.  Re-Post allows you to post content from existing Postwires to new Postwires. There are two ways to do this, Re-Post from another Postwire and Re-Post to one or more Postwires. We'll cover the latter in this post.

Re-Post to other Postwire(s) allows you to quickly update many Postwires with the same content. For example, if you want to share the same content on many Postwires, you can do it efficiently with Re-Post. The use case might be that you want to add a new case study to several clients' account Postwires.

Get started by clicking the Re-Post button on any piece of content.



You are presented with a dialog box listing all of the Postwires you can post content to.

  1. Select Create New Postwire at the top of the screen to post this content to a brand new Postwire.

  2. Or, search for the Postwire by title or recipients to filter the list.

  3. Select one or more Postwires where you want to post the content by clicking on the radio buttons by their titles.

  4. (Optional) Enter a comment that you would like to post to all of the selected Postwire.

    Note: Comments immediately notify all registered Postwire members with an email. If your contact has not registered for Postwire, he or she will not automatically be alerted by email that you posted a comment. Your contact will see the comment at the bottom the next time they view the Postwire.

  5. When you have completed selecting your Postwires, click Re-Post to finish.


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