Using Collections

Collections are used in Postwire when you want to group items. They are typically used in the following scenarios:

  • You have to share a lot of content and you don't want to overwhelm the recipient(s) with a lot of content on one Postwire.
  • You are sharing groups of similar types of content: videos, photos, links, etc. and you want to group them logically to make the Postwire easier to consume.
  • The Postwire has been live for a while and you want to store "old" content while keeping the "new" content front and center. 

1. To create a collection, simply drag and drop one piece of content on top of another. To do this, hover your cursor over a content item and then place your cursor on the Move button to drag it on top of another titem.



2. After you drop the content, a collection will be created for you. The first content item's thumbnail will (by default) show in the cover, as well as the count of the number of items in the collection.



3. When you click on the collection, it will expand to show the content.



4. You can also edit the collection description and thumbnail image, just like any other content type. To set a custom cover image for the collection, click Add Collection Cover. If you don't set one, then the thumbnail image for the first item in the collection is used for the collection cover.



5. If you drag the items out of the collection, the collection will automatically go away. Poof! You cannot have only one item in a collection. 

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