Uploading Documents & Files

When you post a document or other file to Postwire, it will be hosted and streamed from our global Content Delivery Network (CDN). This will ensure that files are easily, and quickly, accessed from anywhere around the world.


1. Get started by clicking Upload. You will be presented a dialog to pick a file from your computer.




2. After picking the file, it will immediately begin uploading to Postwire's system. If it is taking a while to upload, click here to run some troubleshooting steps.




3. After uploading, the file is analyzed by Postwire's servers to ensure it can be processed.




4. The file name will be used as the content title. We will automatically select a thumbnail graphic if it is a known content type. For PDF files, we will take a screenshot of the first page of the document and use that as the thumbnail image. For MS Office documents, we will use a default file type image. However, in all cases, If you don't like the thumbnail images Postwire suggests, you can always click Can't find a good image? to set a custom thumbnail (read more here)



5. Click Done Editing when you are happy with how the content looks.


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