Using the Bookmarklet

By adding the Postwire Bookmarklet to your browser's bookmark bar, you can post a web link you discover directly from your browser to a Postwire Page.

How to Install the Bookmarklet

To install the Bookmarklet on a browser on your computer: 

1.  Click the down arrow by your name in the right hand corner of the top navigation bar.

2.  Select Postwire Apps.



3. Display your Bookmarks Bar by clicking View on your browser, Show Bookmarks Bar.  (In Firefox it is called a Bookmark Toolbar.)



4.  Drag the "Add to Postwire" button to your Bookmarks Bar.





Using the Bookmarklet

Once you've installed the Bookmarklet, using it is easy!

Whenever you find a web page you'd like to add to Postwire, simply click the Add to Postwire button in your Bookmarks Bar. Select the
Page you want to add the item to (or create a New Page) and select Next.  





As always, you can cycle through the image carousel (by clicking  Prev and Next) to select the image you want to use for the item thumbnail...  




If you don't see an image you like, you can capture by cropping one from a screenshot of the page.  Click Capture From Page.  Use Cropper to select the image you want from the page. Move the square Cropper around the page until you find the image you want.  Resize the Cropper square's size to make it smaller by dragging a corner of the square.





Click Done Cropping once you've selected the image you want.  After cropping, select Done on the bookmarklet screen.




You can click View My Page to see the content inside the Page you selected or click I'm Done to close the Bookmarklet window.



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