Sending Postwire Invitations via Microsoft Exchange

Postwire invite emails can be sent through your own Microsoft Exchange account and server. 

This ensures better deliverability of email invitations because they come from each end user's account, not "via Postwire", and, therefore, are less likely to be caught in spam folders or blocked. 

Note: This feature requires a Postwire Team Plan. It is either turned on or off for everyone.

The setup steps vary slightly depending on whether your organization is using Office 365 or an on-premise Exchange Server. Please ask your Exchange Server Manager to contact Postwire Support for assistance setting this up. 

On the Postwire end, key information will need to be provided by your Exchange Server Administrator. The Postwire Admin can enter this info by clicking Email Settings, then the email icon by the Microsoft Exchange option:




Additional steps to be taken by your Exchange Server Administrator include:

- Setting up a service account and granting the service account "send-as" and "send on behalf of" permission.
- For Office 365 users, potentially asking Microsoft to unblock Postwire.
- For on-premise Exchange Servers, potentially changing Firewall rules.

Once the required authorization steps are completed by the Exchange Server Administrator on your end -- and the proper Exchange Server Email Settings are saved on the Postwire side -- then the next time anyone in your Organization sends an invite to a Postwire, it will be sent via their actual email account and include any default messaging in the footer (optional) that has been established by the Postwire Admin.
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