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One of the ways you can share a Postwire is to generate an invitation from the Postwire web application. From Settings, each Postwire user can establish default personal email settings.*

*NOTE: Personal email settings do not change the invitation email format and behavior for users who set their default privacy level to “HIPAA Compliant”.


Users can set defaults for:

  • Copy me on the invitation email: Yes (default) or No

  • Invitation Email Format: Plain Text (default) or Graphical (scroll down to bottom of this Help article to see examples of each)

  • Invitation Email Hyperlink Text: “Click Here to View” *

    * That's the default text if this field in your Personal Email Settings is left blank on a graphical email format. On a Plain Text invitation, the default text reads "Click Here to View Your Postwire". 

    Tip: We highly recommend that you customize this! Suggestions include: "Resources for You" or "Your Evaluation Site" or "Your Account Information". Whatever words you choose to use, make them seem personal and relevant to your primary Postwire use case. Note that this setting takes effect for every Postwire you send using the built-in sharing mechanism. It cannot be edited for each Postwire (without changing the setting beforehand).

  • Invitation Email Message: If left blank, the default message is:

         Please look at the Postwire I created for you:

         "[inserts Postwire title]”

         [inserts Postwire username]

  • Invitation Email Signature: (default is none)

    * Note: Using a simple HTML tag, you can even add hyperlinks now in your email signature. Here's an example you can follow:

    <a href=" ">Schedule a meeting</a>

Example of Personalized Email Settings

You may want to establish default personal email settings for your primary use case. For example, if you are a sales rep who primarily uses Postwire to share resources during a buyer evaluation or software trial period, then you might establish your default settings as follows:



In addition, users now have the ability to edit the subject line for each email invitation created. The default subject line text is:

Subject: [inserts username] has shared a Postwire with you! 
Example: Carrie Kuempel has shared a Postwire with you!

However, you can edit the subject line to be whatever you want it to be for each email invitation created.*

*NOTE: The subject line cannot be changed for users who set their default privacy level to “HIPAA Compliant”.

To generate an invitation email that relies on these default settings, click Share This Page With Others.





* Tip: Include your saluation in the signature field to move it below the hyperlink to the Postwire in your email composition. See how I include "- Carrie" and a carriage return, followed by my email signature info? Take a close look at the Plain Text Invitiation Email Format example below. See how the "- Carrie" appears after the hyperlink in the signature section of the email--beneath the hyperlink? This little trick helps move the hyperlink up higher in the email compostion which many people prefer.


Example of Plain Text Invitation Email Format:


Example of Graphical Invitation Email Format:



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