Sending Postwire Invitations via Google Apps Account

If you already use Google Apps as your email provider you can grant Postwire access to send your organization's invitation emails through Google's servers instead of Postwire's. This ensures both better deliverability of email and will allow you to keep a log of all your invites in your email's Sent folder.

To enable sending via Google's Email Servers, follow these steps:


1. An Admin of your Google Apps account must log in to the Admin Dashboard



2. Choose the "More Controls" button at the bottom of the Dashboard

3. Choose the "Security" button



4. Choose "Advanced settings"



5. Choose "Manage third party OAuth Client access" 



6. Authorize Postwire to the email scope.  You will need to enter two values:

  • Client Name -
  • Scopes - 




7. Enable Google Apps on the Postwire Org Email Settings page. See screenshot below.

Optionally, you can also elect to enter messaging that will appear in the footer of  all emails generated by Postwire. Some organizations elect to use their own email opt-out language here; others leave it blank (default) so that no footer whatsoever appears. Note, if you want to include a hyperlink in the footer messaging, you can use simple html tags to do so in this format: <a href="">Go to Google</a>.



Next time anyone in your Organization (who is a valid member of your Google Apps account) sends an invite to a Postwire page, it will be sent via their actual email account and include any messaging in the footer that has been established by tthe Admin.


Note: This feature requires a Postwire Business or Team Plan. Currently, it is either turned on or off for all members of an Organization; you cannot have some members send invites through Postwire and others through their Google Apps domain.





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