Installing & Using the Postwire Mobile App: Video Tutorials

Installing & Using the Postwire Mobile App

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#0 - Installing the Postwire Mobile App

Installing the Postwire App is a simple two-step process. Step one: Register for a Postwire account from the web interface. Step Two: Download the Postwire App from the App Store. (01:09 min)


#1 - Using the Postwire Mobile App

This tutorial shows how easy it is to use the Postwire iOS App to capture and privately share video. It's even HIPAA-compliant! The demonstration focuses on the use case of a physical therapist who uses the Postwire App to capture on video coaching instructions to share with a patient for easy reference between in-person sessions. The patient's private Postwire Page is like a personal worksheet loaded with video exercises as well as other resources to help the patient recover quickly. (07:12 min) 


#2 - Three Settings to Know About to Customize Your Postwire Mobile App Experience

This tutorial shows you three settings for customizing your Postwire App experience. You can set: 1) your profile info; 2) company logo; and 3) the HIPAA-compliant mode for secure and legal sharing of patient information. (02:24 min)




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